Theme Time on Mandozine Radio

The Theme Time series presents various genres or themes. Choose the music you want to hear. These playlists are about two hours long, and you can listen here on the Mandozine Radio Web site, or on 8tracks.

Mandozine Radio features an extended playlist broadcast 24/7 mixing all genres. It is available here.


Listen to music by David Grisman and other artists that pay tribute to David by either playing his music or their own Dawg music composition.

Mando Jazz

Hear great mandolin artists perform their unique take on Jazz Standards and original songs.

The Legacy of Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe not only created bluegrass, but is the master of the style that has inspired so many. Listen to great artists and bands pay tribute to Bill Monroe.

Gypsy Jazz

Listen to the music of Django Reinhardt and jazz standards played in the style of Gypsy Jazz, with a focus on mandolin.

Classical Mando

Listen to world class mandolinists play the classics.

Mando Choro

Listen to Choro music by world class mandolinists.


Listen to the various takes on using acoustic instruments in the Newgrass style.

Mando Pop

Pop, Country, and Folk music played by great acoustic artists.

Mando Gospel

Enjoy Gospel music by world class mandolin and acoustic artists.

World Mando

The mandolin is an international instrument. Listen to styles from around the world.

Mando Blues

The mandolin has a rich history in the blues. Listen to mandolin blues artists from the past and present.

Mando Duos

Listen to the collaboration between great acoustic artists.

Celtic Mando

Listen to great Celtic artists featuring mandolin, crittern, and bouzouki.

Mando Orchestras

Listen to world class mandolin Orchestras and Quintets.