Mandozine Radio was launched by John Baxter in 2006. It was his favorite project, and he put a lot into creating playlists and curating music to broadcast. Since his passing in November 2018, the radio station has been off the air.

To return Mandozine Radio online, domain registration fees are due. The costs to maintain the site and broadcast as a radio station are expensive and must be paid for the upcoming year. This includes royalty and licensing fees that are paid to the artists that are played on Mandozine Radio.

If you are able to donate, your funds will have a dramatic and immediate impact towards keeping Mandozine Radio alive. Donations will be used for radio host fees, support for Mandozine Radio Web site, and purchase of music for broadcast.

If you are interested in becoming a curator for Mandozine Radio and creating playlists for broadcast, please send a message through our Facebook page.